Hi, I'm Juno Nguyen.

I am a software developer based in Singapore, best known as the creator of the website Ebony Memo and the independent videogame developer manafarm.

I am a generalist, having worked on videogames, full-stack web applications, command line tools, and still exploring. Most of my works are free and open source and can be found on my GitHub. The notable ones are also listed below.

Ebony Memo

Ebony Memo is an arthouse videogame curator website for mobile devices. This is a custom content management system built with MERN stack, consisting of three parts:

Backend (NodeJS/Express, source, deployment): A serverless RESTful API handling CRUD operations and authorisations for data modification. The database is stored on MongoDB Atlas.

Content management application (ReactJS, source, deployment): A simple web application used by contributors to create and edit content. While most of the content is not locked behind credentials and authorisations, data-modifying actions are. Due to its purpose, it is not optimized for mobile or SEO.

Frontend (NextJS, source, deployment): The only publicised user-facing portion of the system. The vast majority of the content is server-side rendered and heavily optimized for SEO.

Wonyun Trench Run

Wonyun Trench Run screenshot

My latest videogame, launched in June 2020, is my first major dive into videogame architecture. Implementing the entity-component-system pattern, the game is extremely scalable and flexible, and adding new features is a breeze. The minimalistic nature and limitations of Pico8 (which uses a highly limited subset of Lua) made it an interesting challenge, both technically and artistically.

View the source code // play the game.


manafarm logo

Growing up with a Nintendo Famicom, I have always been a videogame enthusiast, and videogame is my medium of choice for creative expression.

I have been a hobbyist videogame developer since 2013, under the moniker Aureoline Tetrahedron, making a wide range of videogames in different frameworks and engines (in chronological order: Construct, Phaser, love2d, HaxeFlixel, Luxe, Unity and Pico8) on different platforms. The manafarm rebranding was made in 2019, after several years of hiatus.

My major releases can be found on my Itch.io page.

Other works

While not programming or playing videogames, you will find me brushing my cat, enjoying arthouse cinema flicks, taking photographs, composing new Lego models on Stud.io, watching professional StarCraft, dissecting film screenplays, playing guitar, or soldering a new mechanical keyboard build.


Singapore Bayfront Pavillion

A rare creative hobby in which I enjoy the process more than more outcome. I shoot exclusively with vintage manual focus lenses and Fujifilm mechanical-inspired bodies (and occasionally dabble into film photography). I think sceneries and stills in portrait mode are highly underrated.

My Flickr page is a relatively incomplete compilation of my works (as a result of my old habit of not sharing), but is undergoing frequent updates.

Lego StarCraft

StarCraft Goliath microscale

Having been a lifetime admirer of StarCraft from a game designer's perspective, I have been in and out of the game in peculiar ways. Not until my mid-20s had I realised the creative potential and elegance in tiny Lego models of 30 pieces. My tiny curiosity crept into a relatively big project (and still ongoing) that you can find on my Flickr.

Mechanical keyboards

Ortholinear 40% mechanical keyboards shot with film photography

Started off as a utilitarian need to improve my sitting posture, this, turned out to me, was an art form itself. Among the keycaps profiles, strange layouts, switch lubrication, the dangerous rabbit hole of artisans, and how an electric circuit works, mechanical keyboards offer a fascinating and endless world of self-expression.

My personalised keymap, "junonum", having undergone years of updates and optimisation, has been contributed to QMK Firmware as a universal 4x12 ortholinear keymap.

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